From the mountains of Kashmir

A classic recipe never fails. Now it has arrived in Great Britain.

Searching for a crispy Pakora



The creator of Chickpea Chips and the founder of Pashmere Ltd is Fowzia Shah. She was born near the beautiful land of Kashmir, with breathtaking sights such as the Saiful Mulook Lake. In 1980 she moved to London and began to raise a family.

Back home, it was customary to eat pakoras with tea on a rainy day. In London rainy days were in abundance and she often found herself missing that delicious snack she had while growing up. Making pakoras took time she didn’t always have and when she made them, they always got soggy after a few minutes. Buying them from cafes or shops presented the same problem.

She decided to try and create crispy pakoras chips in her own kitchen in Wimbledon. It used the same healthy ingredients but stayed crispy!

The chips turned out so delicious that her family would fight over them. She decided to share their enjoyment with everyone. So here they are, produced in Great Britain and available in most corner shops in London.